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This beautiful Celebration box is for your Vegan Fur Baby

VIPets Bakery have created this lovely gift to help you Celebrate Being a Vegan Pet Lover

These beautiful biscuits are made with Oats, Peanut Butter, Wholemeal Flour with added Carob and Beetroot for natural colours.

The box contains

3 x 1.5 cm Beetroot Hearts

2 x Carob and Beetroot Hearts

2 x plain Oatie Hearts

1 x Carob Dognut

1 x Beetroot Dognut

1 x 7 cm Oatie Dog Bone

1 x 7cm Carob Bone

This lovely gift comes in a beautiful presentation box with a gift label and paw print sticker.

These treats come in a personalised treat box so please remember to leave name at the checkout, Thanks.


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