VIPets Bakery introduce this special treat box for Cats Celebrations, Gotcha Days, Birthdays, or Just Because you Love them Days

This Celebration box contains a Personalised box with a cake and fish shaped and heart shaped treats.

This cake can be made with either of the following and you can choose which one at the checkout.

1) Lovely fresh Sweet Potato, Carrots, Peas, Vegan Egg Replacer, Vegetable Oil and Wholemeal Flour (only a small amount of Catnip, so not to send your Cat wild)

2) Tuna, Carrots, Vegetable Oil, Wholemeal Flour, Egg


A cake 8cm x 5cm with a candle, decorated with a heart shaped wrap around and a string bow

5 Fish shaped biscuits 7cm x 4cm

6 Heart shaped biscuits 4cm x 3cm

These treats come in a personalised treat box so please remember to leave name at the checkout, Thanks.

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